Racism and Mental Diseases – The Absurdity of Hating Black Men and women

Racism and Mental Diseases – The Absurdity of Hating Black Men and women

Racism is the final result of the invasion of the absurd articles of the primitive side of the human conscience into the human conscience of these who dislike black folks. Whatever is absurd and cruel in the human actions has its origin in the absurdity of the anti-conscience, which is our wild, violent, immoral and cruel conscience.

Black people today are as clever as white people today. Racism is pure craziness and will have to be addressed like all mental illnesses. This can be finished as a result of aspiration remedy, due to the fact the unconscious brain that produces our dreams will work like a psychotherapist. All aspiration illustrations or photos include important messages that remedy the human intellect from the absurdity imposed by the anti-conscience.

Human heritage is marked by cruelty. Many barbarous weapons, tortures, wars, and a lot of destructions provoked by terrorism prove that the human race is mainly irrational and violent.

We are hazardous primates with a tiny human conscience. This is why our frustrated population can not obtain peace and happiness. Hate is a awful poison that destroys the human heart. It also destroys the full globe with its unsafe actuation.

Racism is violence and cruelty towards those people who have a dim skin only due to the fact the racist becomes idiotic when the anti-conscience controls his conduct. Those people who exhibit dislike in opposition to yet another human getting only mainly because of the color of his pores and skin simply cannot but be thought of absurd.

Despise versus any one is the consequence of the domination of the anti-conscience into the human conscience. There is absolutely nothing human in the anti-conscience’s nature. It is a wild animal that can consider, but has no sensitivity. Its rationalism is absurd, and it does not respect moral ideas. The human staying results in being a accurate monster when he is dominated by his primitive character.

The barbarity towards black individuals throughout the time of the Brazilian colonization by the Portuguese presents us the most surprising proves of the human insanity. The barbarity of racist companies like the Ku-Klux-Klan in the United States is another shocking evidence of the depth of human evilness.

Even while racism is currently condemned by many folks and the black inhabitants managed to attain better social positions, cruelty and sadism against black individuals is nevertheless a stunning reality. Africans are living under poverty. The similar takes place to their descendants, living in numerous countries of the globe.

Until these days the prejudice against black people today oblige them to deal with various humiliations. They do not have the same opportunities of the white populace, and they are not treated with the exact regard.

Nevertheless, the real truth is that black people are pretty gifted, and their suffering for so numerous many years is fully unfair. The racist frame of mind is barbarous and absurd. We will have to set a definitive end to racism on Earth.

This miracle will take place only when all people will get rid of the toxic affect of their anti-conscience, when craziness and despair will halt characterizing our civilization, and when every person will be sensitive and humble. Only wisdom and compassion can completely eliminate cruelty and absurdity.