The 3 Week Body Makeover

Here you have it, a complete start-up manual to increase the exercise capacity of even the most sedentary individuals! Try this out for only 3 weeks and I bet you will start to notice small but substantial differences. No, you won’t lose 40 pounds but your cloths may fit differently or tying your shoes won’t be such a chore!

This manual is simple: implement 3 nutritional, exercise, and motivational guidelines each.

1. Stop drinking sugary drinks – Stop drinking all soda and other sugary drinks because they are simply wasted calories. Removing one 140 calories soda per day will have you cutting over 14 pounds worth of calories/year!
2. No more processed snacks – Instead eat nuts and fruit which make perfect convenient snacks that will help give you energy too! Stop eating the crap, processed snacks and start eating fruit and nuts.
3. More vegetables – For each meal, at least half of your plate should be vegetables (non-starchy veggies). This is one of the keys to weight loss, because vegetables keep you fuller longer and you can eat more for less calories (compared to other foods)!

1. 45 minutes of activity daily – Pledge to walk at least 45 minutes daily. Being active every day is how you get results. For instance, if you burn only 250 calories in a walking session, that’s over 25 pounds worth of calories a year!
2. 3 strength training sessions a week -Pick 5 at-home exercises and perform each exercise for 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions. You can perform these with dumbbells or your own body weight. Keep the workout quick and intense (more below).
3. Perform everything at a high intensity – When you workout do it at a high intensity! This will help you burn more calories and increases the amount of calories you burn post-exercise (EPOC effect)!

1. Write everything down – Log all of your activities because as you progress towards the end of the challenge and beyond you can see on paper how much stronger you have gotten which will also provide instant motivation!
2. Selfies work – Selfies can really be one of the biggest motivational tools to help you get the results you want. As you progress you may notice a bulge or two is gone or you may notice your arms are more toned, either way you will be insanely motivated to keep going!
3. Partner up – Maybe you have a friend at the gym and you both are getting bored with your routine. Perform this together it will encourage and motivate both of you to be healthier! Trust me on this one!

There you have it, implement these 9 steps and you will start to notice changes after only 3 weeks! So finally, here’s to you and your health. Now go out and take what’s yours!