Who’s Sneaking Toxins Into Your Home – Cooked Meals? Healthy Cookware Review

Who’s Sneaking Toxins Into Your Home – Cooked Meals? Healthy Cookware Review

Are you interested in a good healthy diet? Do you watch what you eat and take extra care with everything you put into your body? What about the cookware you use? Did you know that your cookware could be adding toxins into your diet? You have probably heard a little about the dangers of Teflon, when Teflon reaches a certain temperature it begins to break down and release toxins into your food. The pots and pans that have been supper convenient for all of these years is not a healthy cookware choice!

In several lab tests the effects of Teflon on lab rats has shown serious changes in organs such as brain, liver, and heart, pituitary problems in female rats and tumors in various organs. Even plant workers who are exposed to the synthetic chemical used in the production of Teflon may have been put at higher risk for prostate cancer. Moreover, if you have thrown away the Teflon in favor of stainless steel or aluminum you are not out of the woods just yet.

When I first heard the news about cookware, I was in shock. How can a person provide good healthy cooking for their family when the very cookware used can add toxins to your food?

Traditional Cookware

Thanks to recent testing, we now know that even a prized cast iron skillet can leach harmful levels of iron into your fried chicken. Aluminum, chrome, nickel, cobalt and iron can leach out of different types of cookware and contaminate your food, and while iron, can be good for you if you take it in supplement form it is not so good when it enters your food from your skillet! Where on earth can you find healthy cookware? What to Do?

When you have come to a place as I did and discovered that your cookware could actually be adding toxins to your diet, the logical next question is what can you do about it or where can I find healthy cookware?

One possible answer to the issue is to use a specially coated cast iron. Ceramic coated cast iron has a lovely non-stick surface and due to the extra coating is provides safe and healthy cooking alternatives for your family. The only problem is, if you have ever lifted a cast iron pan you know you are liable to get a hernia! This stuff is heavy and cumbersome! The good news is I have found the answer to prayer in the Mercola Ceramic healthy cookware. Instead of Teflon, aluminum or cast iron these pots and pans are created from ceramic material and contain a ceramic glaze, which makes them non-stick.

Boy was I excited when I found this cookware! Healthy cookware meant healthy cooking and I could relax knowing I was doing all I could to protect my family. As a bonus I discovered that these pans and pots have a radiant effect on the food you are preparing, it cooks on the outside and inside at the same time! This means a significant reduction in cooking time, which also saves energy. Best of all the cookware did not absorb the flavors from my favorite spaghetti sauce recipe and redistribute it to my scrambled eggs the next morning! This is a great set of pans that I am thrilled to use on a daily basis.